[v6 General Discussion] EW^ 1.7 Did this fix it for you

I was delighted/encouraged to see 1.7 version available
In the first minute of operation I minimised the display
Screen went black and all keys became unresponsive.
I was not able to open EW6 without shutting down in task manager
Am I doing something wrong or does this need fixed

Can you Alt-Tab to restore EW6? If you show a song on Live screen what is displayed when you minimize?
Thank you - Alt+Tab restores it
How was I supposed to know that
Alt-Tab is the Windows shortcut to jump to previous application; hold Alt down and you'll see thumbnails of running programs then use Tab to move through list. If you're using Aero use Windows key instead of Alt and you'll see images of program windows instead of thumbnails.
Thank you