[v6 General Discussion] DVD Clips

Every time I attempt to use the DVD clip editor easyworship crashes. I installed Dscaler but that dd not help. Any Suggestions. I can play a dvd on the machine using VLC.

Are you using EasyWorship 6?
Did you install Dscaler or version 4...?
I haven't seen a EW 6 crash creating a dvd clip. EasyWorship 2009 build 1.9 or older will crash on Windows 8.
You might need to click on edit, options, advanced, and check the box to use preferred DVD codecs.
Still doesn't work. I am using easyworship 6 and the latest version of descaler.
Is this with any dvd or a specific DVD?
You'll probably have to call us and let a tech remote in and take a look.
This is the first time I've seen this reported for EasyWorship 6.
I also am having some issues, but not with crashing. One particular disc essentially freezes, and the other disc doesn't reads the disc, but shows no picture whatsoever in the box. I haven't installed dscaler though, so I will try that.

UPDATE: Dscaler seemed to fix both issues. Thanks for bringing it up.
Installing dscaler will fix your issue.
Just my two cents while I was setting this up at home. "New DVD clip" kept on crashing Easy Worship... (Windows 8.1) until I plugged something into the speaker jack. Easily overlooked if you are just testing functionality.