[v6 General Discussion] Turn off auto capitalization???

I like that EW6 will capitalize words that can be assumed to represent God (i.e. You, Him, Yours...). The problem is I can't turn the function off or simply don't know how to. I have made some presentations needing to use words like you, him, and yours but don't need to capitalize the words. This is frustrating. I'm new to Easy Worship and want to make sure I'm not missing something simple here. Please help if you can.

Click on edit, options, songs, scriptures, or presentation.
Click the button to change font settings for example, song font, then formatting.
You can change the words it auto capitalizes there or turn it off.
Thanks Roger. I knew it had to be something simple.
I have made the changes given here, but my presentations still capitalize the words. I have it set to not capitalize anything. I have changed the title, subtitle and content. I am using a blank slide. Any suggestions?
Go to the options for songs and leave the option checked for auto capitalize then delete everything in the box. Click OK.
This is a work around. This has been submitted to be fixed.