[v6 General Discussion] Can't get MP4 Video File to Play

I have done everything I can think of but still cannot get a MP4 Video File to play. I have updated quicktime downloaded the codecs that were spoken of in the setup. What am I doing wrong? I am almost wishing I had never switched to EW6!
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We worked on this via email, but just in case someone else has an issue here is what you'll need to check.

First make sure the file is complete. It may play all the way through in Media player, but when rendering with Directshow, the file has complete, it will not play a partial file, even if it is a 99.99% file.
I didn't mention that in my email.

Also make sure quicktime is installed. EasyWorship 6 uses quicktime to play these files.
Click on help, and install Quicktime support.
It will take you to the quicktime page to download and install quicktime player.
That's really all you should have to do to make a mp4 or mov file play.
We have recently seen photo jpeg video files not play.
We have submitted a ticket to have this looked at.

Your video for sure is not a photo jpeg video.