[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint Foldback

I have just upgraded to EW6, and undertaking testing.

We use the foldback monitor. And in EW09, the PPT showed the "presenter view" with thumbnails of all the slides along the bottom. In EW6, it seems to just show the slide.

Is there anyway to get back to this presenter view?

I'm also having numerous errors pop up in the background using PPT?

The majority of the problems with PowerPoint should be resolved with the release of 6.1.7. I'm not sure when the foldback PowerPoint presenter view will be available.
On release 6.3.1 and do not get anything on the foldback for PPT "presenter view" its just black with a note of the up coming item in the schedule. Do I have a setting(s) off or are we still waiting on the "foldback PowerPoint presenter"?
The loss of presenter view in the PowerPoint foldback was a bad hit for us... Please reimplement this ASAP!
Also, the only way to see the current slide on the foldback (as well as video in the "Live" window) is the have Aero effects turned on. We had to turn off Aero effects in order for video and motion backgrounds to play smoothly. Now we don't necessarily need motion backgrounds and video playing in the Live window, but we do need that presenter view, so please don't make it dependent on Aero effects.
Two years later and still no powerpoint presenter view.

This has been a big disappointment to us - we just did an upgrade on our equipment and thought upgrading EasyWorship at the same time would be a good idea. At first I thought it was just a bug - the pastor, although gracious, was quite disappointed when I had to say that according to the EasyWorship forums this feature had been removed.

Last Sunday he was pleasantly surprised when the presenter view was back again - but I had to tell him that's because I'd had to send the new PC for a warranty repair and I'd hooked up the old PC temporarily!

Please put this feature back in the product - I know it's irrational, but it hurts when you see a whole lot of fancy bells and whistles being added to the product that you don't need, and lose features that you really do need.

We need to actively "sell" your product to our users and this sort of thing makes it hard - especially when they start giving me brochures or emails about other presentation products and say "why don't you try this?"