[v6 General Discussion] clear screen is going black instead

it seems that when i try to use the "clear" button, the screen is going black instead. i am using a theme for my song, and the theme has a background image behind the lyric text. the clear button is removing everything instead of just the text.

i'm planning to use this software for a large youth conference in 2 weeks. a prompt reply would be appreciated.

i was able to figure this out on my own. as it turns out, simply dragging media onto a slide does not technically put it in the background, and therefore it is removed when using the "clear" button. in order to add media truly as a background that will not disappear, you have to go into the inspector and change the background to use a media fill.
On Easyworship 6.7.5 this is still a major and annoying issue. As can be seen from the screenshot, the video loop has been set as background, but when you craete a song entry with that theme, on pressing clear the screen goes completely blank.

Can you post the solution asap please.

If you click on INSPECTOR and then click on BACKGROUND on the floating candles you will see that there is nothing set as a background this is why it is happening.

If you create the theme and then click on INSPECTOR and then BACKGROUND and add the image or video here then it will always work correctly.

If you create the theme and then click on MEDIA select the video or image it is still an element even though it is set as a background.

I am using a theme for discplaying scripture, after a recent update I have not been able to clear scripture.

When I click clear the scripture disappears the screen and then goes black and removes the video backround.

I have tried using an image as suggested above, but all it does is show the image upon clear.

All I am trying to do clear the scripture after my on the screen while keeping the video on.