[v6 General Discussion] A couple of bugs

This is less of a "what should I do?" post, and more of a "things I've noticed" post.

With regards to saving a schedule, after the initial save, the program does not register that any changes have been made, and the "save" icon isn't clickable. I haven't moved into using the program live due to some lower-then recommended specs, so I'm not mad yet. But if I don't remember to File>Save Schedule As... before I close the program, I lose any changes I've made.

With the "Show Verse Numbers" option unchecked, the numbers still show in the editor. They don't show up on screen, but it took me several attempts to "fix" this "problem" before I realized that it's just in the editor.

Hitting TAB while editing a song does not insert five spaces, but causes the entire text in the slide to indent.

With Multiple Bible translations installed, the alphabetically first always comes up when accessing the database. When running on the fly, this will be a problem.

Images and Videos loaded in the media section arrange themselves alphabetically, but capitalized letters first. "Angels" then "Cross" then "Zebra" then "angel" then "bible." Not a big deal, but made me load a couple of backgrounds twice before I noticed it.

A couple of nit-picky things that affect my workflow:
When searching for something, the search bar doesn't reset after moving an item up. In 2009, I could type the name of a song, hit enter, type the next song, hit enter, etc. Now I have to move to the front of the text in the search bar each time.
In 2009, selecting an item in the schedule would immediately make the database jump to that item. I can learn to work without this, but I am quite used to it, particularly when utilizing the same item multiple times in a schedule (i.e., "BLANK SLIDE").

Like I said, this is more informative than complaining. I might comment on this post as I continue testing it out. I'm excited to put this into use once our new video card gets here. Thanks for your work!
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My main gripe with this is that during a search, the first found item is at the bottom of the window and the one you really want is almost certainly below it. It would be much more helpful if the found item was in the middle of the window, like EW2009 or even at the top.