[v6 General Discussion] Slide Editor

Question, when I have text on a slide, label and song, is there a way to have the text centred vertically on the slide, independant of the label. Currently EW includes the label giving the effect of the song text being decentred downward. Would like to see the option of text boxes on the slide, much like PowerPoint, so that the text position can be dragged around, have margins set more easily to work with image backgrounds etc. Granted I could just use PPT for this, but I would like to be able to position the text much better than currently allowed.

In EW2009 there was one text box per song. In EW6 there can be multiple independent text boxes per slide.
Ahhhh, I may have found it. When I am on a slide and select "Text" from the menu bar I get a new box on the existing slide saying "double click to edit". Where does the text go on the left pane? It doesn't seem to appear with the text I had imported. I see now how I can move text around and have it appear more central. Now having realised that though I really wish the labels were a separate entity as they move with the imported text.