[v6 General Discussion] Video/media organization.

updated to 6 from 2009.
I had a dozen separate folders for different media "collections". when I installed the new version 6 and it converted, it added all the videos to the collection, but now there is no folders, they are all listed, and basically unusable without my folder collections separated. how do I get my folders back? I assume it has something to do with the collections and my collections, but I haven't found where these are described and can not get them to point to folders on the hard drive like 2009 did. any assistance is appreciated, as I can not use the new system until I can get the video backgrounds and other videos separated. the file names are mostly random and the separation/categorization is based on folders. Need to have this fixed before the weekend if we are going to use 6.

Click on lower left plus sign to create a new collection, in my example Nature, then click the gear icon (or right-click collection name) and choose Edit...

You can choose All Media Types or one kind (Images, Videos, etc. ) and pick Directory contains your folder name:

Folders can only contain Collections (and more subfolders) and Collections can can only contain media.
Unless your setup is complex probably best to avoid My Collections/Folders, as they are linked to user.
this isn't working. I have many folders with same names but different subdirectory structure. is there not a way to specify a UNC path/ ("D:\EWVideos\Backgrounds") I try using filter:
Directory - is - D:\EWVideos\Backgrounds
- and it doesn't see them.

EDIT: I discovered that the folders need to be in the resources\videos folder. so I forced it to work. still would be appropriate to allow UNC so videos aren't forced to a location in EW.
Perhaps if you could illustrate your current structure. Based on your one example I am thinking you would create a Videos folder then place a collection named Backgrounds. The collection rule would select videos where directory name contains background.

The rule doesn't search your hard disk for files only files already added to EW6.
I have it figured out, I think.

in my previous profile for 2009, the videos were
videos (in here were the backgrounds)
in the videos folder was other folders of different kinds of videos.

in the current ew6 new profile, I have
then a backgrounds folder and all the other folders here as well.

of course in ew6, it finds them all in media. so I had to create a separate collection for each folder. I was already used to having to open and select a different folder for different videos, this is similar, it is just categories that point to folders, instead of browsing to the folders directly.

of course, now that I have done this and actually able to select background videos and P&W videos for a schedule, as I noted in another thread about schedules, the videos are now also stored in the schedule with no option to not do that, and so makes the schedule huge, and causes various problems that I am forced to deal with since ew2009 is now gone. I made a mistake and uninstalled it as the ew6 was otherwise working satisfactorily.

who would have thought that a new version of software would remove features that were in a previous version. oh well, I will just not be suggesting folks get this new version, when I do my work for other churches, unless of course, they need portable schedules.
After playing around with folders and collections (alot) I think the system works like this:

Create a FOLDER under either Collections or My Collections, then drag and drop an image or video into it. That automatically creates a COLLECTION. Name the collection whatever you want. For instance under the folder COLLECTION-VIDEOS we have collections of SONG BACKGROUND, COMMUNION, SPECIALS, etc.

What gets dragged into the COLLECTIONS becomes only a thumbnail. Your main body of images, videos, etc. are still all together in one big bucket in the upper section divisions (the section where you see VIDEOS, IMAGES, FEEDS, DVD, AUDIO, etc). So from there, from that big bucket, you can drag and drop a thumbnail into ANY collection down below, AND make multiple thumbnails in different collections.

You can also delete the thumbnails shown under collections. HOWEVER ... what's in the UPPER section, directly under the label MEDIA, are the actual media files that are in your PROFILE folder. If you delete something THERE, in the upper section, it's gone! It's deleted from your folder.