[v6 General Discussion] CCLI song import verse order

When we import songs from CCLI song select they come up Chorus then Verse 1, Verse 2 Verse 3 etc....
Currently it appears very fiddly to change the slide order so that the chorus comes up between every verse.

Is there an easy way of repeating/copying slides that I should be aware of?

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You should be able to select the text for Chorus slide (everything including label) and copy (Ctrl-c) or cut (Ctrl-x) the text. Then go to end of a Verse slide, press Ctrl-Enter, position cursor on new slide label line and paste (Ctrl-v) in Chorus text.

The "rules" for entering text into a song are a slide must contain a label line and text lines following. The label and text line(s) can be blank but the lines must be there. For example, if you split a line of text into two slides without pressing Enter first causes the first line of text in new slide to become its label.