[v6 General Discussion] Reset all "in song" settings ?

We have a 2009 database, with almost 2000 songs - A lot of these songs have in-line settings, such as font size and more, outline and more.

With the new version af EW it could seems like there were a problem about the font-sizing in version 2009.
Almost every song in our database has some text wich has a fontsize 1. - This views nicely in 2009, - but it looks like the new version is handeling this more right.
So the song which has a font size of 1, the text is almost not visible.

The feature of overriding with theme settings, i can't get to Work, - maybe I'm doing something wrong ?

Any one who can help with a Tool to remove all "in-line" settings from songs in a database, - or even better
a Tool which can loop all songs, at set the fontsize to eg. 12, where it is set to 1.
If i could get the information on how to access the database end edit directly with SQL or via an EW API (if its there),
- i would gladly help developing such a Tool.

This problem is the one keeping us from using the new EW version.

can anyone help ?
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Sounds like conversion treated EW2009 font size (some voodoo percentage) like an EW6 font size (real point size). Perhaps they can give the conversion to set minimum value like 14 points. With EW2009 I always had to fiddle with size if I wanted two sizes on same slide, however when one size I didn't change default size. My "song" in EW2009 used 10 and 20 font sizes when converted became 14 and 29 points.