[v6 General Discussion] Problems with display

I updated to V6 the day after it was released. We haven't gone live with it yet though, as I just haven't gotten comfortable with it yet.

However I was planning on getting my feet wet by starting to use it during the youth group worship time. However when I opened up EZW 6, what I got on my projection screen was a tall, narrow logo screen, with about half of the screen being white (with the logo being on top of the white), and the other half of the screen being black. Looking at my laptop's extended screen settings, they matched the projectors 1080 x 768 settings, just as it has been for many years now. EZW 2009 worked fine with this setting. I then opened up options in 6, and saw that it was using the secondary monitor, like it should have been.

I originally had a dualhead2go set up in the youth room, but it has been disabled for a few months now, due to a cable issue, so we are totally by-passing the dualhead2go, and going straight to the projector. This set up has been working great with 2009, but not with 6. BTW, the foldback option is not checked.

In our sanctuary, I do have 6 running (on a different computer) with another dualhead2go, running to 2 front of house screens, and a third back of house screen. It looks like it's running ok, but I'm not going to jump to 6 during a church service, until I am comfortable with 6 in the youth group setting. I will not allow the projected words to be a distraction to the morning worship service.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!


One setting that affects EW6 but not EW2009 is Windows display scaling setting. Control Panel -> Display -> 100%, any other setting 125%, etc. causes display issues for EW6.
Thanks Frank, I'll look into that when I get it all hooked up again this weekend.
Well, the display problems are still happening. I used to have a Matrox Dualhead2Go set up in this room, with a 24" TV for the teen worship team to use, but I ended up pulling it out of the mix, and I also removed the software from my laptop, but it looks as if it's still connected (but it isn't). Easyworship 2009 works fine, but not EZW 6! Really frustrating! I'll try to take a few pictures and post them here. Ver. 6 is now showing the song on have the screen. I have a logo screen with the youth group name on it, and that is cut in half also. The scaling was set at 100%, so that doesn't seem to be the problem.

We are using EZW 6 in our evening service, for the next or so, since the evening service is a more relaxed and laid back setting, being a distraction isn't wanted during any service, but is more tolerable during the evening service. Ver. 6 seems to be running fine in the sanctuary, where we are running a dualhead2go, with 3 total projectors (2 front of house and 1 back of house).

Any help with the youth room situation would be great!
Same issue.. need help quickly
It sounds like you have turned on alpha channel, which is not needed for your setup.
In the live settings change the alpha channel to disabled.
Set your foldback settings in the foldback area.
I did have the Alpha channel on the first try, however I turned it off that day, and now I'm getting the problems I described above.
Can you post the custom position settings you have set along with any margins you have set?
I'm not using a custom position, but rather the secondary monitor. The margins are all set to Zero.
Try setting a custom position and then try adjusting the width and height with the preview output checked. EasyWorship is having a problem calculating the location to put the output window.
This should work around this problem until we can get it fixed.
Try setting a custom position and then try adjusting the width and height with the preview output checked. EasyWorship is having a problem calculating the location to put the output window.
This should work around this problem until we can get it fixed.

Wow, that makes so much sense, but I never thought of it! I'll try it as soon as youth group is over.

With the Matrox DualHead2Go out of the setup why wouldn't using secondary monitor be preferred over custom position? You can check display setup in Control Panel -> Display -> Screen Resolution. Make sure resolution of projector's display setting matches projector native resolution.

When a vendor installed our new projectors they tried to set our PC to 1280x720 (16:9) when in fact it should have been 1280x800 (16:10). When set properly they were sharper. Unfortunately our second PC uses a DualHead2Go which no matter what I tried wouldn't accept 2560x800; so I used 2560x1024 (two 1280x1024 screens) which causes the projectors to adjust. It's always interesting to work with the Matrox but once configured it has been worry free.
Roger, I ended up not getting a chance to mess with the settings, BUT when going early one Wednesday evening to youth group, with the purpose of figuring out the whole EW6 projection issue, I had a notice of an update available. I went ahead and downloaded and installed the update. Once it was ready to go, I fired it up and the projection was working properly, other than a few tweaks of the font size!

What is strange is, during the entire time that I was fighting with the projection of EW6 in the youth room, the projection in our sanctuary never missed a beat with the switch to EW6, and it was also using an analog dual head2go set up.