WMV file not playing sound after the Easy Worship 7 upgrade

After upgrading to Easy Worship 7 the WMV files will play the video but not the sound. So I went and grabbed some MP4s and played them instead but the video is choppy and lagging, but the sound is good. I'm not sure what to do.

Jennifer, do you know the specs of your computer? You can run a DXDIAG on the computer and find out the processor, memory and video card. Make sure it meets the requirements for playing videos

I am having the exact same issues with my wmv clips playing with no sound in easyworship 7 after the upgrade. They play fine outside of easywroship. System is I5, nvidia gtx 1060 ti with 16g ram

Dan Willard - my specs are fine. Everything was working fine until the upgrade. The only change is that we now have Windows 10 and I know it can cause issues with some apps.

Saying the specs are fine doesn't really help us as there are more than one set of Hardware Specs for different use cases. Without knowing more specifically what your hardware is it's difficult to make a full and accurate diagnosis. And also what did you upgrade to EW7 from? 

All that said, if you are on EW7 build and are running a computer that only meets the minimum hardware specs, or is somewhere between the minimum and recommended specs you will run into the issues with lagging you describe. requires significantly more Graphics processing power than previous releases of EW. A computer that has older, less powerful Graphics that worked well using build may not be able to run You can test this by going to the EW7 Download page, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, download, and installing that. No need to uninstall, just run the installer and follow the prompts. If that eliminates your choppiness, stuttering, and lag there is a 98% chance that your graphics card/chip isn't up to the Recommended Specs. You might be able to get by with your screens at 720p, running 480 or 360p motion backgrounds, and no foldback display. 


https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/24000018839  For the download.

Thank you Donal, I appreciate the clarification. You are probably right as the information I had on the specifications was passed on to me,but in checking myself, I see that there is probably an issue with my processor and video card. My staff was telling me it was probably a Windows 10 issue because everything worked fine until the upgrade. Go figure.

I'm going to download the install and see if everything works and if so, then go from there. Thanks for your patience.

My pleasure. And I would lean more towards the video card than the processor. I have done a lot of testing of various hardware and I've found that the latest EW7 will run on a cpu that is below the recommended spec if it has a good video card that meets or exceeds the recommended spec. The reverse is not true. If you don't have a good enough video card the fastest processor won't be able to compensate. is pretty much all video card powered. 

i downloaded EW 7 and received this error...

Exception EEncodingError in module Easyworship.exe at 00039D8D. No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte page.

I can't get any sound when plating a video type WMV on Version 7 Build

I can't get any sound out of video file type WMV. Easy Worship version 7 Build

Please help.

Same problem, only with audio in WMV files. No other symptoms (stuttering, etc).  I have already tried the link to install K-Lite (and upgraded to latest K-lite, link is to older version).  Opened a ticket, but posting here in case someone in the community has the same problem, or a solution.

The best solution is to use Handbrake to re-encode the WMV to an MP4 that uses a standard codec. WMV files are hot garbage and should never be used for anything, ever. 

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