Trouble searching, not matching first words and/or Norwegian characters


EasyWorship Version: 6

EasyWorship Build Number: 4.8

Operating System: Windows 10

CPU type & speed: AMD A6-3410MX APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 1.60 GHz

Amount of system memory (RAM): 4.0 GB

Free hard drive space: 48.1 GB

Graphics card model: AMD Radeon HD 6520G

Graphics card memory: 512 MB

Capture card if applicable:

How is your computer connected to the output screen(s)?  VGA

Description of the bug:

Setting search to Words (or Any field), Searching for the first words of a song, i.e.: "evig er din nåde"

I get no hits.

In the database I have the song: Takk min Jesus, with the first words being: "Evig er din nåde".

As you can see, the song exists:

But I can't find it by searching for words or any field:

I've also experienced the same with songs where the first line does not contain norwegian characters, like æøå. (But maybe the song title did.)

Somehow it seems I'll find the song if I search for word in the second or third verse/chorus.

How was your service impacted?

This prevents us from using Easy Worship 6, since it fails for way too many songs. Our techs refuse to play with EW6 until this is fixed.

Also we have issues running EasyWorship 2009 on Windows 10, the program hangs when I try to edit songs. So we're stuck with a non-working EW2009 and a failing EW6 ... I would say this is urgent.

How was your preparation time impacted?

Our worship teams usually don't have a fixed schedule, so we have to find songs as they go. With a broken search function, this is almost impossible.

Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug:

As explained above.

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We'll be adding language settings as an option when you edit your EW profile. 

This should help. 

Also we added an option to rebuild search keys too. 

Can't wait! :)
Please make it also recognize that Å and å, Ø and ø, Æ and æ is the same letter.
Now I can't start a title search with 'å' or 'æ', but I can with 'Å' and 'Æ' ...
(I have titles starting with the Norwegian characters ...) :)


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