Syncing Schedules with MIDI

As advertised as new feature that with MIDI Sync, you can sync and control multiple copies of EasyWorship on different computers using MIDI In & Out. I’m unsure how to connect the pcs to being able to do so. My church has two different pcs on for streaming and others for presenting lyrics , Bible verses. I’m wanting to just control one ( presentation pc ) so wanting to control easy worship on ( stream pc) for lower thirds how do I connect the pcs so I could do so ?
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No, you can use one computer to control the other. Just follow the instructions on the second link for MIDI Sync

Thank but quick question is that the only way is having to have a mobile device to link those together

We have a knowledgebase article that walks you through that process.

Running Two EasyWorship Computers With One MIDI Controller

This article walks you through using a MIDI controller, but you can use EW on one computer to control EW on another computer also. You will follow the same process, but create a MIDI IN receiver on the computer recieving the signal and a MIDI OUT controller on the computer you're using to control the other computer.

These specific instructions are in the Help file in EW and on the website


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