Need to remove a remote network off of software

I tried the software at home now it is connected to my home network and will not let me connect to the church software. How do i disconnect or remove the network

Putting it on your home computer will not disconnect the one at church.  Each machine has to be registered individually with and email address and password but that will not disconnect another machine. 

It added my home desk top but I’m running it off my laptop for the church can two networks be added it’s just not work i have uninstalled it on all devices trying to start over from default setting
I’m using my laptop at the church to use the software i have deleted it on all devices and then I’ll add it back and home the remote setting are set back to default

If you're talking about your WiFi network, once you're out of range of that network, it will disconnect automatically. It shouldn't affect you being able to connect to the church network.
If the remote on your phone app won't see the EW server on the church computer, make sure you follow the steps to set it up correctly on that computer. It doesn't have to be removed from one computer in the remote app to work on another computer, you would just need to go to the settings in the remote app to choose the correct server.

Thanks you so much that is so exactly what i am talking about i am gonna try it i hope it works . Thanks so much
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