Recommended GPU config for system with 5 outputs

Hi, What is the recommended graphics card/ system config for a system that is using all the 5 possible outputs.

1 - Desktop

2 - Main EW output

3 - Foldback output

4 - Alt output

5 - Alt output alpha channel 

Since there are no Nvidia cards with 5 outputs, is it better to use two lower powered cards or one higher powered card and a DualHead2Go?

Has anyone used either of these setups? It seems like this wouldn't be that uncommon but there is no mention of it in the recommended specs or on the forum.

I'm thinking either 2x GTX1650 or 1x RTX3060 + DualHead2Go.

Notes on our use case: all 1080pwith motion backgrounds but no video capture.

Hi Margaret, we use 5 outputs using 2 GPU cards both different. We are presently upgrading our system to use Intel i7 12700K GPU for one output and and RTX3060 for the other four.

Outputs are,

1 - Control Console

2 - Projector

5 - ATEM mini Pro

4 - Alt output ATEM mini Pro

5 - Foldback output

I've always had problems when using integrated graphics and a GPU with easyworship, Id be interested to hear if using the integrated graphics for the desktop is officially supported.

Let us know how that setup goes for you.


I use integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics with GTX1050ti on my own i9-10900K PC at home using EW7.4.0.8 with 3 outputs giving Main, Alt Output and foldback every week when I set up the church schedule with no problems.

We just set up our system that we're taking to Experience Conference 2022 with dual RTX 2070 Super GPUs with an Nvidia GPU Bridge. That gives us 8 outputs total. Here's what outputs we'll be using at the conference.

1. Computer monitor

2. Front of House Fill (main output)

3. Front of House Key (alpha channel)

4. Alternate output

5. Foldback

If we need to run alpha channel for the alt output, we can.

We have been extensively testing this before the conference and it's working great.

You probably don't need to have cards that are that powerful. You could go with a couple of 1650s, and I would recommend doing that over a dual head 2 go and especially over 2 different GPUs. The DH2Go can sometimes be troublesome and difficult to get set up. We haven't tested different GPUs recently and I imagine it's better now that you can tell specific programs which card you want it to use. David is doing it on 2 different computers and it seems to be working well for him.

But also remember, the GTX 1650s are older cards and you may be wanting to upgrade them sooner than you want.

I wouldn't go with 1650's period. The lowest I would go is a 1660 Super or Ti. The 1650's are just a bit to weak and normally only have 3 outputs each. The 1660 Ti's and Supers normally have 4 outputs each which gives you more options if additional displays become necessary. 

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