Stream Deck Easy Worship Plugin Errors

I have followed the instructions to install the Easy Worship plugin in to the Stream Deck software (which I installed *just* for Easy Worship, as I generally use Bitfocus Companion to control my Stream Deck), and it *appears* to be connected.

I have added "Previous Schedule", "Next Schedule", "Logo", "Black", "Clear", "Previous Build", "Next Build", "Start Slide", "Start Presentation" buttons to the Stream Deck profile.

Initially the "Easy Worship", "Previous Schedule", and "Next Schedule" buttons show they are "live" by switching from greyscale to blue and white.

However, despite having a Schedule open and items in the Schedule, when I press any of the buttons, the Stream Deck shows a Yellow warning triangle on that button, and nothing happens.

Not sure why that might be.

Are there some logs somewhere I can look for?



Ok, well, rebooting seems to have helped, although the connection seems a bit sluggish initially. We'll see how tomorrow goes. :)


Dion, we do have a Companion plugin now. You can find it by searching in Companion for EasyWorship!

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