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Stream Deck Plug-in

Modified on: Mon, 22 Nov, 2021 at 11:31 AM

Download and install the EasyWorship plug-in for Stream Deck to be able to control your EasyWorship schedule easily with the Stream Deck, the Stream Deck mini, or the Stream Deck XL.

NOTE: You will need to install Bonjour on both your EasyWorship computer and Stream Deck computer if using these on different systems. Here is the link to download Bonjour: Bonjour

Instructions to install and use the plug-in

A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Download the Stream Deck software and the EasyWorship plug-in

  1. Click HERE to download and install the Stream Deck Software.
  2. Open the Stream Deck software.
  3. Click the store icon to open the Stream Deck plug-in store.
  4. In the search box, type in EasyWorship.
  5. Click the Install button.

Step 2: Set up the Stream Deck

  1. Open the Stream Deck software.
  2. If it isn't already expanded, click on EasyWorship Remote on the right side to expand it.
  3. Click and drag the EasyWorship action to one of the empty keys on the left.
  4. Open EasyWorship on the computer you want to control (on the same network as the computer the Stream Deck is plugged into).
  5. Make sure Remote is enabled in the EasyWorship Options. If it's enabled, you will see a Remote button on the toolbar.
  6. Click on the EasyWorship key in the Stream Deck software and select the server below that you want to connect to.
  7. Press the EasyWorship key on the Stream Deck.
  8. In EasyWorship, click the Remote button on the toolbar and click "Pair" next to the Stream Deck.
  9. Click the 'Lock' icon next to the Stream Deck under Remote to unlock it and make it available for control. EasyWorship and the Stream Deck are now paired and ready to use.
  10. In the Stream Deck software, drag and drop any action you want to use to any empty key on the left.

Step 3: Using the Stream Deck to control EasyWorship

  1. Open a schedule in EasyWorship.
  2. Go live to the first item in your schedule.
  3. Use the keys on the Stream Deck to advance the slides, go live to other schedule items, turn Logo, Black, and Clear on and off, and more.
  4. If you want to jump to a slide number or a schedule number item, add the Goto Slide and Goto Schedule actions to an empty key on the Stream Deck. Select that key and type in the slide number or schedule number you want to jump to in the appropriate field in the key properties window below.

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