Connecting remotely to EasyWorship from iPad

Our church is using EasyWorship 7 on a Windows 10 laptop.  We have downloaded the EasyWorship Remote App to our iPad.  But we have not been able to pair the devices.  Can you cofirm that it is possible to use the EW remote app to control EW on a Windows 10 laptop?   Any ideas as to why we are unable to pair the devices?

I have tried installing the Bonjour software.  And I have changed the network setting from Public to Private.  Both devices are connected to the same wireless network.  On the iPad we continue to get the message NOT PAIRED: WAITING FOR PRESENTATION COMPUTER TO PAIR.  

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I converted this to a ticket so that we can trouble shoot the issue.

I have this problem which I think may be due to Windows Firewall - if so, what should I do to allow EW through? The settings indicate that EW is allowed through on Private but not on Public.


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