Easyworship won't work on windows 10

Our Church purchase Easyworship 2009 , we are running windows 10, 64bits , 32gb RAM, 500 SSD Drive

The program was working fine with windows 7 but we upgrade to windows 10 and now is no longer working even after installing every patch that Easyworship recommended, the program freezes.

we them installed on to another computer and the issue remains so clearly is not an issue with the computer but with the software.

I called the support line and nobody answer, the service so far is terrible NO SUPPORT 

EW 2009 is not supported under Windows 10. All support ended on June 30, 2018. It will normally run somewhat acceptably on Windows 10, but it isn't guaranteed. Please go to Help - About to see what Build number you have and post it here. Also, please be more specific when you say the program freezes. When does it freeze? What exactly are you doing when it freezes?  Remember that we aren't there looking over you shoulder at your screen to see details of what is happening and we need you to be our eyes and describe EXACTLY what happens in as much detail as possible to be able to diagnose this.



We are using Windows 10 and the program will not work at all. What options do you have for Windows 10?

The CURRENT SUPPORTED releases of EW (EW6 and EW7) work just fine under Windows 10. In fact, the latest release of EW7 will ONLY run on Windows 10. It's only EW2007 and earlier that don't run on Windows 10. And as I stated in my previous post, you have to install the latest update to EW2009 to make it run under Windows 10, and even then it will have some issues. Since you didn't bother to inform us as to which release and build of EW you are having problems with it's difficult to be more precise. See my previous post above yours for links to the updates for EW2009.

Of course all of this is contingent on installing and running EW on appropriate hardware that meets the required specifications for the type of content and displays you want to use it on. See below for information on that.


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