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Hello, I can not find the edit menu on easyworship 2009 where I can set the NDI out. I need urgent help.

 EW2009 doesn't support NDI. Only EW7 supports NDI.

AS Donal said EW 2009 does not support NDI. Well, that is not possible within the program. NDI was not invented when 2009 was built.

However, it is possible to use NDI with EW 2009.

Download and install the vMIX desktop capture utility (vMix.com  - Click on Download, scroll down and you will see Desktop capture for both Wndows and MAC) from their website. Install that teensy little piece of software and run it on your EW PC. You will only see a small rectangular window probably saying there are No Connections. It just runs in the background.

Then in vMix,OBS or whatever you wish to pick up the NDI output feed, you choose the output screen of your EW installation - screen 2 or 3 and your NDI enabled software will pick that up.

I know it works because I used to do it long bedore EW was NDI enabled. It will actually work with any program and pick up any screen you have.

Good to know. I have never used NDI and don't know that much about it...... Yet.

"It will actually work with any program and pick up any screen you have."

That is correct because vMix is the one that's doing all the NDI in that scenario. It's capturing the screen that your program is on and is sending that captured screen through NDI. But Upgrading to the current version of EW would make it easier since you can send directly to NDI in the app.

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