Invalid Zip local header signature

Just installed EasyWorship 7 on a new computer; created and saved my second schedule for use this weekend. However, when I went to reopen it to make changes, i get the error pop-up "Invalid Zip local header signature" and the schedule fail to open. Help!

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using, when I click on update... it offers nothing

but I get the invalid zip header message

Invalid zip local header signature.

I did not see a solution to this problem.

I work on one computer and save to portable device and open at computer at Church.

Both are new and fully equipped.

It has been working but now my service was completely lost and last weeks was locked.

Do I have to do the service at the church?

i was using many (30) videos... i merged them into 8 & it worked ok

Michael, the current beta is good until Aug. 30. We should have the full version released by then as well.

Reid, we have tested the beta multiple times with schedule files larger than 4Gb and have not had any problems with the current beta. With your workaround, you can still save the schedule. If you uncheck the box to pack the files in the schedule, it will save the schedule with just a link to the video file.

I would stay with the standard version that you have and do a work around now that you know what is causing the problem.

My work around was to make my Easy Worship schedule without the large video.  Then take the video on a flash drive to the Sanctuary Computer and move a copy of the video into the Video folder in Easy Worship.  Then add the video into the schedule on the computer in the Sanctuary, without saving the schedule.  If Easy Worship crashed, I could open the EW Schedule and add the video again without getting the error message, just don't save it with the video inside the schedule because it is too large.

I was running a schedule that was using a lot of video clip (~20)

that was an unusual occurrence 

I am hesitant to move to the beta because it is only good for a few days

This issue is fixed in the beta. It was fixed in the build of the beta, so you should not be getting that error when running the beta. If you are, you might try recreating that schedule and see if it still does it.

I have only had this problem when the Easy Worship File size exceeds 4 GB.  With videos and video backgrounds it is easy to surpass this threshold.  I have all my resources on an office computer, so when I save the schedule to move it to the Sanctuary Computer, I am moving all the resources and they are stored on the flash drive.  That is when I had trouble, so I use less resources so I don't exceed that file size threshold.  Hope this makes sense.

i've tried versions beta

same issue of invalid zip local header

it's saturday night & sunday's coming!

I had a video file in that schedule that exceeded 4 Gb.  After removing that file, the schedule worked fine as I transferred the schedule to the computer in the sanctuary.  I took the Video file over seperately and placed it in the video folder and then added it to the schedule there.  Then it worked.

They told me to roll back to version 

They had that  bug in later version that they were working on. I did the roll back and it's being doing fine since then.

I had this happen before, but the update fixed it.  Tonight I am getting this same error message.  Have not figured out how to get it to work.  build  tried to see if there was an update, but nothing.

I  am having this issue opening a saved schedule. I am running the latest easyworship version (

I am having this same issue trying to open a save schedule. I am running the latest version of easyworship (

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