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Is there a way to send multiple outputs in EsayWorship 7?

I think if EasyWorship comes out with multiple outputs feature, there will be any worship software in the market that ould be able to stand it; because Easyworhip is the easiest worship software I have ever known.

If anyone knows how to do that without extra hardware please let us know. I love Pro-presenter, but it too messy for me. I sense that Easyworship will come out with the multiple outputs very soon. I looking forward to see it.

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Exactly as for Terrell Turner's comment of 4 months ago regarding one-person band to do all setups in prep for service, and trying to get output to the Sanctuary projector and two TV monitors facing the stage (which is all good as the projection is the same) , BUT also needing output to Video Production for livestream 'with' lyrics in lower-thirds. I am currently achieving this using an 8-port HDMI Splitter taking the only EasyWorship output as the input into the splitter, then outputting to all required outputs ... works great ... UNTIL someone turns on another monitor in the Video Room (thats taking an output from the splitter) . What happens then is the projector 'and' the two TV stage-monitors turn off for 30 seconds to do an HDMI resolution reset = a disaster during service.

So multiple outputs from EasyWorship would be soooo great. As for most other comments here, I've looked very hard at ProPresenter which looks so good on the surface, but toooo technical for our volunteer staff i think. So no way i want to turn from EasyWorship ... it's just so good for our needs ... BUT ... multiple outputs ASAP please :-)

Another happy user with the need for multiple outputs for live streaming, also considering the switch to ProPresenter (but would love to avoid it). Any updates on this feature? Would be happy to test drive a beta. 

no updates from EasyWorship as yet ... version 7 has been out for a while now, and while i very much like (and prefer) its usability and its stability over ver. 6 and esp. ver. 2009 ... its the multiple outputs (or rather the lack of it) that we is a MUST for us.

Given there is not even a hint from EasyWorship about an upgrade to ver. 7 or what would be marvelous ... ver. 8 ... we are at the "we can't wait any more" stage. I have for the last two weeks been trialling ProPresenter 7 ... it seems to be stable (which worried me at first given the comments/feedback from prev. users) ... but oh wow ... those features are just amazing ... AND ESP. multiple outputs.

My only concern now is the usability for our Users ... given they are mostly Church volunteers I'm not sure how they would take to it. So starting next week i'll be picking one of them at random to trail it after i've given them a bit of training.

It will be a sad day leaving EasyWorship I must say ... but again ... multiple outputs are critical for us.

Stay safe ... God Bless

We have updated on this several times. There has been a post in the Announcements for a couple of months that we are working on the next update that includes an Alternate Output. We have already released the beta to the public. You can view the post here and test/run the beta. 

EasyWorship Beta

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