[v6 General Discussion] Import 2009 Song Data

I have installed EW6 on a new PC.

How do I import all my songs from EW2009?

First make sure you have EasyWorship 2009 build 1.9, if not go to www.easyworship.com/support, download and install it.
Open EW 2009 once, close it and open EasyWorship 6.
If you already have 2009 build 1.9, do the following.

Close all versions of EasyWorship.
go to start, all programs, EasyWorship, Click Rebuild EasyWorship Database.
After EasyWorship 2009 opens, close it.
Right click on the EasyWorship 2009 icon on the desktop, click on properties.
On the shortcut tab, in the target field, arrow to the end of the path to EasyWorship.exe and make sure the cursor is after the quotes.
Type in a space, then /convertdatabase
Click apply.
double click the EasyWorship 2009 icon.
The database will convert and EW will open.
Close EasyWorship 2009.

Delete or rename the appropriate data folder and reopen EW 6.

EW 2009 was already 1.9.

EW 6 was just updated to

I followed your instructions to the letter. The changed EW 2009 shortcut does a conversion on start. Your "Delete or rename the appropriate data folder" instruction is a bit vague and I took a guess and deleted the v6.1 folder inside Default_1 - please correct me if this is wrong. There is only one profile folder.

At the end of the day, this process does NOT work. Despite the instructions AND the update to the latest version of EW6 it still crashes in the Profiles screen (when a key is pressed) and conversion still does not work. I cannot load any of my existing data from 2009 into 6.

I MUST have this working for a test run we are planning this weekend (our last opportunity to do so). Please help!

I'm very sorry this is not working for you.
The typical profile folder is the Default profile folder. If you uninstalled and reinstalled EasyWorship 2009 in the past, you will have a Default_1 profile folder attached to the default profile.
It's possible there is a permissions issue that is causing all of this to hang up.
Download and run the following file and then try again.
https://easyworship.com/downloads/Utili ... ta-7-8.exe
Hi Rodger,

No difference. I ran the script and tried lots of different things - always the same result. I tried deleting and not deleting various folders. I tried renaming Default_1 to Default and ensuring it was the only profile in 2009 before trying in 6. I tried database rebuilds. There is always no data in EW 6.

Open EasyWorship 6
Click on the profiles menu.
Then click on profiles manager.
What is the path shown on the right next to instance location.
Click the link and see what is shown in the address bar of windows explorer.

Then open EasyWorship 2009, click on profiles, profiles manager.
Edit the profile that has songs in it.
Click in the path field below use an existing application data instance.
Wright down that path.
Post both of them in your reply.
EW 6:


Folder contains:

EW 2009:


I know you have already done this, but want you to do it again.
Close all versions of EasyWorship.
In the system tray next to the time, find the EasyWorship helper, right click on it and exit.
Browse to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default_1
Make sure you have a databases, options, resources, v6.1
Open databases and make sure you have a data folder in there.
If so, go back one folder, open the v6.1 folder, open databases
rename data to data1.
Open EasyWorship 6

I have done similar, but I have deleted the v6.1 folder entirely.

Did all that you asked, still no difference (when I start EW6 a Data folder is created beside the Data1 folder). Data does not import. I cannot switch to the profile. EW 6 errors if I type anything in the profile manager.

I should also point out that if I create a blank profile in EW 6 (so I can start EW 6 properly) then the Profile Manager does NOT crash when I type if I open it using the menu (as opposed to the profile manager opening automatically to do a conversion).

Hi Rodger,

If you have the time I am available on Skype (voice or chat) in order to try and get this working. If this is easier rather than the back and forth via the forum, just add my Skype ID: **************. I can also screen share and show you what I am doing.

I really need to get this working soon. One of the Beta releases ( a few versions ago) DID successfully import the EW 2009 database. It's the final version I have no success with.