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I looks like after the last software update transitioning from one slide to the next seems to bleed over eachother.. Is there a parameter I need now to change to make sure the transition is crisp?

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What is the GPU (video card) on this machine?

I am having same problem after updating to EasyWorship- last week. Last week ran fine with the previous install, I think it was, Starting up this week each slide going thru songs or scripture is slow to start and when fading in our out takes about 3 steps for it to fade either way. 

Instead of being able to click a word or 2 before, we have to click the transition at least a whole line before. 

I tried to reinstall but since the database has changed it complains about going back. 

Is there something that will rollback the database so I can run 7.1.4? or hopefully 7.2.2.? will be available this week to fix.

We have not done any computer updates hardware or OS(Win10 2004 with current updates) since the transition between



Same problem. Latest update maxes out the GPU when transitioning slides, which is also visually unappealing. How do we revert to a previous version?

You are welcome to revert back to the previous version by going to the downloads page on our website and downloading build from the very bottom of that page.

Can any of you please provide us with what video card is in your computer? 

Our video card is built in to mother board - Intel HD Graphics 4600, and we are using all 3 ports, Display Port(2) and VGA.

Also, reverting back to worked, it was confusing to convert the database back, so I picked English USA.

Sunday, I didn't want to really mess things up 30 minutes before service, so cancelled and re-installed and ran. 

Thanks was programmed to use more of the graphics card than any previous versions, so when you are running hardware that meets the recommended requirements, it should actually run better. But, if you're using a card that is below the minimum system requirements, like the Intel HD 4600, you will have problems.

That system will work ok with the, but I would recommend you eventually upgrade it to something recommended like the GTX 1650 or higher.

Transition works fine connected directly to the video output - but we have a splitter - TV in front and back of Sanctuary - it does not work with that.  There was one response I saw last week that said turn off all transitions of slides - i did and it worked BUT, the font on each slide on pc was so small one couldn't read it. 

When we first started with EW, we have always had problems with the video slides for backgrounds.  the ones that were already in the program.  The video would not play smooth once hooked to the splitter - obviously the splitter may be the problem.  How do we solve that?

Hello, I have problems very similar to those described above, which started after the last upgrade. My VGA is a RADEON R7 360, with the last driver installed, and I use the main monitor and two other secondary ones. Something that can be done? The delay is very long and gets in the way.

I got a temporary solution. Menu> Edit> Options> Advanced and check Disable GPU Shrink Filter


I don't know the impact that I will have in the future ... but at this moment, the transition of the slides has no more delays.

I have a similar problem in as much as the scripture slides will freeze in odd occasions and the same happens on odd occasions when playing video. This has only happened since July update. I did think it was the pc but swapped it with a brand new one that did the same thing. Very annoying and need to fix ASAP.

When I upgraded my problem PC the problem went away. I changed the I5 processor to an I7 same speed and added an ASUS GTX-1650 Graphics card where I only had built in Graphics on the mother board before. I upgraded EW back to 7.2.2 and no problems.

Thanks Dan, I didn't realize the graphics chip I was using wasn't up to snuff. 

James did the new PC have a graphics card installed or did you use the built in graphics?



I used the built in graphics card. However I did test it at home first, about three times and it all worked fine. Took it to the church, test once, all fine but then 3/4 of the way through the service the video froze about 20 seconds into it. I did nothing to easy worship but projected the video using the built in film player. After that had finished went back to EasyWorship and finished the service with a few slides and another video. All worked fine. Tried the offending video once the church was empty and all worked fine. I have never had any problems in all the years we have used EasyWorship but it has now become so unreliable that I am scared to use it in a service.

If you started having the problem after updating to, then that is probably the issue if you're running a video card that is not supported or that doesn't meet the system requirements to play videos through EW. You can revert back to the previous build and that should solve the issue, but I would recommend updating your video card sooner than later if that's the case.

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