Unicode Diacritic alignment

Now that Unicode fonts for asian languages are possible in Easyworship I need to get a bug fixed with the alignment of the diacritics.  In Hindi the vowels appear above and below the consonant base characters.  The problem is that the diacritic moves left and right to align with the vertical stem of the consonant.  This has been a problem with TTF 8 bit fonts in the past but with the new Unicode standard, there is an alignment capability in the font to shift the diacritic.

के कू खे खू पे पू फे फू

The first and last character above have center stems while the others have stems on the right of the character.  Notice how the diacritic always aligns to the stem.  In this support website the alignment is working correctly but if you copy past the line above into Easyworship and select the MANGAL font you will see the ke and phuu diacritics misalign. 

I've attached a screen shot of what is happening.  thanks for the help.  Please contact me for further comments.  I'd love to make this software the best for churches in India.

Jeff Rollins

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We'll be adding language settings as an option when you edit your EW profile. 

This should help.