Preview Area not updated properly when adding video to schedule

EasyWorship Version:

EasyWorship Build Number:

Operating System:
Windows 10 Professional 64bit

CPU type & speed:
Core i5 6500 - 3.20 Ghz

Amount of system memory (RAM):

Free hard drive space:
420Gb (primary drive)  879Gb (secondary drive)

Graphics card model:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

Graphics card memory:

Capture card if applicable:

How is your computer connected to the output screen(s)?

Description of the bug:
If you add a video (e.g. MP4) to a schedule by dragging it from File Explorer or via the 'Add Item' -> 'Browse For Media File' the preview area is not updated/refreshed properly if the current item shown in the preview area is a song.  The video thumbnail appears on top of the song text or thumbnails.  (See attached image.)  If you add a video from the Media collection then the preview for the added video appears correctly with the previous item cleared.

Has been tested with multiple songs and different video files and always appears as if preview area is not updated correctly in this scenario.  It also happens if the current item is 'Scripture' and the video is added.

How was your service impacted?
No impact as yet, may confuse novice users.

How was your preparation time impacted?

Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug:
1.  Create a schedule
2.  Add a song to the schedule and make sure it is selected and appears in the preview area (view set to 'Preview and Live')
3.  Drag a video from 'File Explorer' to the schedule area. Or add using 'Add Item' -> 'Browse For Media File'
4.  Video appears in schedule, preview area shows video thumbnail on top of previous item text or thumbnails.

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