Customizable Menu Bar

The Menu bar across the top of EW now is very empty.  There are only icons for "New" "Open" "Save" and "Web."  It would be wonderful if we could drag additional icons into the space on the right.  For instance, the ability to right click a song and drag the "move item up," "move item down," "edit item" or other options would be handy.  That way, rather than having to right click each song or video for every slot you move it up or down, etc. you could just highlight the song and zip it up or down with multiple clicks (like the previous version).  This would be especially helpful since drag and drop is a nightmare due to songs randomly expanding as you drag past them.

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Oh, and dragging the PPT button into the customizable menu bar would be excellent as well!

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Also to move icons such as the 'go live' to above the preview area where it used to be on ew2009.

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