Song Theme files do not copy correctly between PCs

EasyWorship Version:6

EasyWorship Build Number:4.8

Operating System:w7.1

CPU type & speed:i5 3.6Ghz

Amount of system memory (RAM):16Gb

Free hard drive space:230Gb / 1Tb

Graphics card model:Gt640

Graphics card memory:4Gb

Capture card if applicable:

How is your computer connected to the output screen(s)?DVI

Description of the bug:Song theme files copied between PCs intermittently lose information

How was your service impacted? -

How was your preparation time impacted? -

Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug:Difficult to reproduce consistently (see below). But try ...  create an EW6 Profile. Copy the complete profile to another PC. Create song theme files in the first location and copy to the second. Some of the theme files may be corrupted in the second location. (See further explanation)

I am creating a master EW6 copy on my own PC for our schedule creators.  Each of them creates the schedules on their own PCs and then we save the schedules to Dropbox ready for projecting in church on Sundays.  I want to be able to intialise and then synchronise their local copies by copying data from my own 'master' copy.

In my tests so far this has all worked fine apart from some song theme files randomly losing all  or some information when copied over. Sometimes all the Title, Background content layout is lost.  Sometimes the thumbnail appears black but the background media displays in the preview panel and the correct media file is selected in the Inspector.

Bear with me while I explain further... To create a song theme library I wanted to create a 'template' theme and then duplicate this multiple times replacing the background image with different backgrounds for Nativity, Easter, Communion etc. etc. Unfortunately (unless i have missed something) there is not an option to duplicate a song theme, only to create a new one. So if you keep creating new themes from scratch you have to keep replicating all your basic edits every time when all you want to do is replace the background media. So I exported my 'template' theme and duplicated and renamed the exported file multiple times (Nativity1.ewtx, Easter_1.ewtx etc). These files appeared in the song themes display and I then edited the backgrounds to suit. On my own PC everything looks and works exactly as expected. But these files do not appear correctly when copied to a second PC. It may be that theme files were not meant to be processed in this way. The set up on both PCs is identical i.e. the Profiles have the same name, same structure, same images etc etc.

I have tried various means of copying (i.e. just copying the files, importing them, copying the entire profile). In all cases some of the theme files appear to be corrupted. I have created 57 theme song files - the ones that get corrupted are not the same very time..

I will add a feature request to duplicate a theme.

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It looks like this was fixed in EasyWorship 6.