[Pending Fix] Slide before the blank slide that shows a problem

EasyWorship Version: EW6

EasyWorship Build Number: 4.6

Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro

CPU type & speed: Intel Core i7 4GHz

Amount of system memory (RAM): 16GB

Free hard drive space: 131 GB

Graphics card model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Graphics card memory: 4 GB

Capture card if applicable: N/A

How is your computer connected to the output screen(s)? DisplayPort-to-VGA (control screen), HDMI-to-VGA (Foldback), DVI-to-VGA (Main Screen)

Description of the bug: In song construction, when a blank slide is put in with no content in the "label" or "song" sections, the "next line" of the Foldback displays the next scheduled item, not the next slide.

How was your service impacted? Not really at all, I just noticed it.

How was your preparation time impacted? Didn't notice it until the service

Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug: within any song, create a blank slide in between two separate lyrics (say, two different verses), and for contrast, create another blank slide between two different lyrics and label it "Slide" then look at the foldback display as you move through the song.

I want to make sure my steps match yours. 

If the next slide after the blank slide has text on it, it does show the correct next line info, however if the last slide is blank and you select the next to last slide that has text on it, it will show the next item in the schedule instead of blank or no info in the next line/item area. 

I think I had it wrong. I should have waited to send this till after the service, instead of during (shhh...don't tell anyone I was doing something else during the service...)

It's actually the slide before the blank slide that shows a problem. Here's a screen shothe "chorus" slide is on screen, the next slide has no content, but is not the end of the song.

If I were to type anything in that next slide, including labeling it "Slide", then it will show that as the next line on the foldback, not "NEXT SONG: etc":

Does that make sense?
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