Upgrading screens from 4:3 to 16:9

Our church is looking at replacing the old 4:3 ratio screens with 16:9

Does this mean every slide in every song will need to be reconfigured? Im worried that 16:9 will allow longer lines but less lines per slide and therefore every slide in every song will need to be checked that it still displays correctly and that would be a mammoth job!

It all depends on the song. I remember when our Church went thru this a few years ago that for the most part we could just use the song slides as they were. We didn't take the time to check ALL of the slides at once, but just checked each weeks slides before service and used the "Check Schedule for Changes" to save any changes that were made to the slides. We normally do that each week anyway as we have multiple alternating worship teams who occasionally use the same songs, but sometimes change the the order of the verses, etc.

Presentations were more problematic as they often had embed images that might not display correctly, but again, we just checked the ones we would be using each week prior to service.

While 16x9 does allow for more words/characters per line they really didn't affect the number of lines per slide. We went to 1920 x 1080 from 1280 x 1024 so the number of lines was rarely affected, especially cause we try to limit each slide to 4 lines of text.

Cool, thanks for the info.

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