Dedicated and Integrated Graphics running simultaneously

We're currently running easyworship on a GT1030 which only has 2 video outs (one for easyworship control monitor and one for the main display.) We use all 3 easyworship outputs (main alt + foldback) as we need a different display for in house, live stream and a foldback display. Theoretically this setup would requre 4 physical outputs on the graphics card but we managed to get round this by sending the alt output through NDI at 720p to another computer (2020 iMac) to obs on that computer so we can have lower thirds scriptures & lyrics going to our live stream (which we run on the iMac) - no problem. (Note we're running windows on the iMAC through bootcamp so we can run EW on it as well as stream- we needed the PCs to be able to run a service independently from the other in case one of the two computers fail.)

However, due to the lack of video outs mentioned earlier, we also have to send the foldback display over to the same iMac and use an obs fullscreen projector to put it on the TV we want to display it on; not only does this make our setup more complicated and less user friendly for our volunteers, but it also means both computers have to be on at times when we're not even streaming but still need the foldback output! We were thinking about using a usb 3.0 video adapter to get an additional (3 in total) video out and connect the display that way but on the Easyworship system requirement page it said that it doesn't support these so we're managing the setup i explained beforehand. 

We're now looking to buy a new computer with a more powerful graphics card and run dual monitors- reason being we send our easyworship main out through NDI to obs on the same PC as we run a bunch of different scenes (camera feed, looped videos etc.) through obs and then switch between them. As you'd expect, trying to run both obs and EW on one singular screen becomes a tedious experience so dual monitors alllows us to run EW control on one screen and obs + other misc. apps on the other.screen. This is the spec for the computer-its going to be custom built by PCSpecialist here in the UK. 

Intel® Core™ i5 14-Core Processor i5-14500 (Up

to 5.0GHz) 24MB Cache

512 GB SSD + 2TB HDD

RTX 3050 8GB (1HDMI 3 DP)



DDR5, PCIe 5.0, Wi-Fi 6E)

We've decided we need at least 6 video outs on the PC.


There are barely any 6 monitor GPUs on the market and the ones that do have 6 monitor capabilities only have 2gb of VRAM which definitely wouldn't be enough for our use case. We have an idea to use integrated graphics on the CPU (we purposely chose a non-F variant of the i5 because of this) to utilize the 2 video outs that are on the motherboard + the 4 video outs on the RTX 3050. The config of the screens is listed below:

1) 1920x1080-Primary monitor - connected to RTX 3050

2) 1920x1080-Secondary monitor - connected to RTX 3050 

3) 1280x720 going to a cheap video capture device - connected to iGPU

4) 3840.2160 4k TV - connected to RTX 3050

5) 1280x720 going to foldback display - connected to iGPU

6) as a backup for peace of mind in case we need another video out

Would this setup work with EW?


Highly doubtful as Integrated graphics are also not supported. Your best option would be to install Two identical RTX 3050s. That motherboard (as well as most Full Sized ATX motherboards will have two full sized PCI-E 16x slots that can run two graphics cards.

I would also make a couple of other changes in your configuration. I would go with 32 gigs of ram (2 x 16 gig sticks) because you will essentially forcing one computer to do the work of two. I would also go with a TB NVME SSD instead of a 512gig.

Please note that EasyWorship recommends running separate In House EW Computer and Streaming computer.

Thanks for your response. Does Easyworship work with the new intel arc GPUs? These are slightly cheaper to run together than dual RTX 3050s and the reason we wanted to run iGPU + RTX3050 was to try and cut costs with the PC?

We'll upgrade the storage to a 1TB SSD and upgrade the ram to 2x16gb.

EW has never released any testing data on the ARC cards so there is no official word on this, but they don't recommend AMD graphics cards either and I know that AMD cards work quite well with EW as that is what I run. I can state that according to Passmark, one of the most trusted sources for performance cpu and gpu benchmarks lists the ARK A380 as less than half of the RTX 3050 (and about the same as the GTX 960 or 1050Ti). Only the Arc A580, A750, and A770 compare favorably to the 3050. The A580 only sells for about $20 US less than the 3050, with the A750 and A770 considerably more expensive.

You could always try using the old GT 1030 for one of the 720p outputs as it might be able to handle that okay.

EW has never commented on the Intel ARK cards officially. I can tell you that they have historically recommended NVidia cards over the years, except for a couple of years when the recommended ATI (now AMD) cards due to there EYEfinity (3 screens from one card) capability before Nvidia could do that. I have always used ATI/AMD cards for EW and have never had any issues as long as I used cards equal in performance to recommended Nvidia cards. So Intel ARC cards should be able handle EW just fine, as long as you don't try the A380 which performs about half as well as an RTX 3050. The A580, and A750 performance are roughly 90% of the RTX 3050 at a similar price so you wouldn't really save much. The A770 performs roughly 5% higher than the 3050, but costs about 50% more than the 3050.

If money is a consideration I would try using the GT 1030 along with the 3050, using the 1030 for one of the 720P output. It might be able to handle that well enough to get you by.

Thanks for the info! We'll go ahead with the GT 1030 alongside the RTX 3050. 

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