"Out of Memory" Error in Presentation Editor

Running and have been having trouble over the past several weeks with an "out of memory" error popping up when I'm in Presentation Editor adding images to slides.  I can usually get 5-10 in before it starts blasting my screen with multiple layers of this error message that won't let me do anything other than totally close out EW and lose whatever progress hadn't been applied before the error popped up.  Super annoying as if I hit apply after every 5 slides it takes it 30 seconds or so to process before I can move on and then no doubt it errors before I can get another 5 in and I have to start back from the previous save.  Anyone else experience this problem or know what I might be able to do to fix it so I can go back to quickly doing my job rather than taking 5-10 extra minutes to complete this task?  I've made no recent updates to the system and the only thing this computer is used for is our live stream so there is relatively nothing saved on it taking up memory.  Computer was working flawlessly since we upgraded a year or so ago to get one that had the best system specs to meet EW demands for our live stream... this is the first problem I've had with it since then.

I created a ticket so that we can trouble shoot this with you. 

This is not a know bug. 

Wat was the resolve from this because mines is doin the exact same thing 

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