Not saving monitor setup.

I recently had our media computer bite the dust, so I built a new one. 3 Nvidia Quadra P2000 GPU's (Intel onboard GPU disabled), 12th gen Intel i9, and 124GB DDR5 ram etc. I'm running 3 TV's, 3 monitors, an overhead projector, and an HD video output to our streaming server. 

Easy Worship 'forgets' my display settings every time I power down. I have set the 'Options' menu to 'Output Monitor' on Monitor 4 and the 'Alpha Channel' to monitor 3.  These are the correct settings for the outputs that I want to display on each output. 

Every time I power down, Windows loads the correct display settings. Easy Worship will always automatically set the 'Output Monitor' to 'Monitor 2(Primary)' and the 'Alpha Channel' to 'Monitor 1 (Secondary).  

How do I stop this?

I am not here every service and cannot rely on these settings getting corrected for each service.

I am on Version 7 Build using Windows 11.

The only change to software from the old computer is an upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10. 

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I am sorry but all quadro cards are unsupported. It is listed on our website under the system specifications. 

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