error exclamation mark


When importing a new jpeg I got an exclamation mark and it doesn't got away using refres. The file is also not in the database/resources images. However when I imported the file directly into resources/images and then refresh: the exclamation mark disappears

I already reinstalled EW. I use windows 10. 


Henk Tulp

The Netherlands

Does this only happen with one JPG file or all your JPG files?

Thanks for your shift reply. It happens with all jpg files. If I delete a file out of the resource folder and then tried to import it as I do normally

 the exclamation mark appears. Then when I paste it into the resource folder a exclamation mark appears but is gone by refreshing.

The strange thing is that if I make a new database and profile their is no problem but then I lost all my resources.

When I copy and past the resource and V6.1 folder into the new database, the problem is back

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