[BUG] Copy and pasting text within an schedule

When copying and pasting text from within an schedule item the formatting of the pasted text is wrong. When pasting text the BOLD, SHADOW, and OUTLINE tags are enabled (can also be seen in the associated tabs in the inspector), but the format is not present in the text. This is for copied plain text, and any form of formatted text.

This results in the following:

  • The pasted text can not be made BOLD. (If the pasted text contains BOLD text this can be made unBOLD, but then it can not be made BOLD again)
  • The OUTLINE, and SHADOW does sometimes work on pasted text and sometimes does not, can not figure out why it sometimes works and why not.

If the editor is closed and reopened the pasted text can be edited as normal. It is rather annoying to close and reopen the editor to format the pasted text.

In our church the following version is used:
EasyWorship Version: 6
EasyWorship Build Number: 6.7.16

I know that the support of Easyworship 6 comes to an end, so I tried the latest version of Easyworship 7 and in that version the problem is still there. So, if it is not fixable in Easyworship 6, it can be a worth for us to switch to Easyworship 7 if it is fixed there.

2 questions for you:

1. Are you copying text from the song editor in EW or from something outside of EW?

2. Are you just pasting the text or are you right-clicking and choosing Paste without Formatting?

Answer to the first question: copying text from the song editor in EW and afterwards pasting in the same song. Answer to the second question: pasting with key combination CTRL + v. Most of the time I copy one line of a song and want to paste the text and make some small changes to the format, which can not be done properly without closing and reopening the editor. So pasting without formatting is not really helping in this case, because then I need to redo the existing format.

OK, we'll do some testing and see what we can come up with

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