Hungarian Bible database with accented letters

EasyWorship Version: 6 and 7 (all versions)


We have been using EasyWorsip for many years. We are a licensed user.

We use KAR (Hungarian Karoli) Bible: KAR.ewb

Hungarian language has some accented letters:

ohungarumlaut: ő Ő


uhungarumlaut: ű Ű


Which are missing from KAR (Hungarian Karoli) Bible in EW 6 and 7.

Instead of these accented letters in EW Bible database there can be found:

otilde: õ Õ


ucirumflex: û Û


Displayed in EasyWorship 6 and 7:

Gen 1:3 “... és lõn világosság.”

should be:

Gen 1:3 “... és lőn világosság.”


Please edit the Hungarian Bible so that we can display correctly. It also affects the search in Bible text.



Database: KAR.ewb

Search letters: õ Õ û Û

Replace with: ő Ő ű Ű


Bible in EasyWorship 2007 and 2009 displayed these accented letters correctly.

Thank you in advance.

Mickey from Hungary

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