Saving after theme change

 With versions and I am having problems saving the EW7 schedule after changing the them on a few slides by drag and drop

I found that if I change background video from the Inspector, it will save, though seems much slower than usual.  I upgraded from to in the hope this may correct the behaviour, without success. I have had to kill EW7 with Task Manager to  be able to continue using it.

This is on 2 desktop machines running Windows 11. Both are running from SSD and have reasonably modern CPUs.

I opened the same schedule on my ancient laptop using EW and it changes theme and saves as I expect.

I haven't tried downgrading the EW version, if that is even possible.

Any ideas or further details needed?



I want to make sure I understand your issue correctly. If you drag and drop a new theme onto a song in the schedule and then try to save the schedule, it's not saving that new theme, or the schedule doesn't save at all?

Also, are you packing files in the schedule or not?

Hi Dan ,

Thanks for the reply. I just retried after rebooting Windows and the problem persists.

It is that saving the schedule hangs. When I drag/drop the changed theme, it is very slow to update the change in the schedule window, though I think the image shown in the preview window updates reasonably rapidly. If I then try to save the schedule - admittedly I've only tried saving over the original schedule, not doing a "Save As"- the "Save" dialogue just hangs with a minimal green patch which doesn't grow in the save window,

Our AV Director had a call with one of the EW tech people about the system at church and found it seemed to work after updating to, but mine doesn't. The primary difference between the systems I'm aware of is that the church system is an Intel i5 CPU and mine is an AMD Ryzen 5 5600..

Sorry, just noticed the question about packing  files in the schedule, and yes, I am.

Is this happening on any schedule you try to drag and drop themes in, or just a particular one?

Are you able to create a new schedule and save it and then drag and drop themes and save it?

Thanks Dan,

I tried a new schedule, behaved just the same. Tried reinstalling EW, but no benefit .

One thing  I wondered: The database I am using is one that has grown from EW2009 days, and seems now to have numerous duplications..

I'll attach a screenshot of the directory structure. Is there any way to decide what of this is likely to be beneficial and what can be moved aside, or shudder even deleted?

If so I'll try this and postpone the callback  I have scheduled for 2 day's time.


If you only use the Default profile, all you need is 

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship >

  Default >

     Resources (including subfolders)

     v6.1(including subfolders)

It does look like your Default folder is inside the Old_Default_1 folder. You need to open EW and go to Profiles > Profiles manager and see what profile name you're using and what folder it's pointing to.

Anything else can be deleted. However, since your database is coming from 2009, you might look at your Resources and see if there are any shortcuts in those folders pointing to any of those other 'profile' folders. If not, they can be removed.

Had a call with EW support. Turned out to be corruption of old Theme files.

Rebuilding my themes has fixed the problem.


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