Copying and Pasting needs improvement

I copy and paste words from our liturgies including responsive psalm readings, responsive prayers, etc.  I generally copy FROM Word TO Easyworship Presentation slides.  Most of the time it works just fine.  Also, when adding hymns I do the same.

On occasion, a strange thing happens.  When I add a new slide to a presentation, and then paste the copied text into that slide's content section, half the pasted text goes where it should, but the other half ends up as a TITLE in a new slide.  To fix this, I do a CTRL+Z to go backwards and undo the last step.  This creates an endless "Argument out of range" error which forces me to abandon all my work and close EasyWorship...but not every time.  Sometimes the CTRL+Z after a paste works fine and I'm able to continue on.

There seems to be some miscommunication between Windows and EasyWorship when it comes to the clipboard that, on occasion, has been an inconvenience, esp. if I forget to save and I have to start over from scratch.

The other part to this copying and pasting has to do with the secondary output.  Here's an example of what I mean:

Say I have a responsive Psalm which I copy from a Word document and paste into the content section of a slide.  The copy/paste is just fine.  Now, in the content section, it's pasted as two lines, just as it was in the Word document, and I am able to reformat the second, response line to bold text, so our members know to read it aloud.  It looks just fine on the primary output, our sanctuary monitors.  However, on the secondary output, it displays all one one line so that the text gets very small.  The only way to fix this is to do a backspace at the beginning of the second line and then an enter which seems to add the new line or the CR-LF to the content, even though it was technically already there when the text was pasted in.  

Since this is working on the primary output, it should look essentially the same on the secondary output, shouldn't it?  Shouldn't formatting and CR-LF's be retained in copy/paste?  The other thing that's not retained is fonts, such as a special font in the midst of a line of text, but I'll do that in another post.

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The problem is that you're copying and pasting directly from Word which has a lot of special formatting in it that EW can't read. 

When you paste in text from Word, instead of using Ctrl+V, right click where you want to paste it and select Paste without Formatting and see if that works for you. We added that option a few versions back so you're able to copy and paste directly from Word and have EW strip the special formatting from Word.

Also, If it ever does add a line to the Title on a new slide and you don't want it to, just click your cursor at the beginning of that line and press the backspace on the keyboard and it will move it up to the previous slide where it's supposed to be.

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