Easy Worship 7 and 7.3 overlap

When we access a song in our EW database that we have used previously, the words from another song appear. We have tried to uninstall version 7, but it seems that 7 and 7.3 have merged some way and our computer recognizes them as the same program. And there will be duplicate songs of the same title, but the words will also be incorrect. This problem started the first of March and has steadily gotten worse. Seems the song database is corrupted.

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Hi Sandra, I see you have an open ticket to support about this issue. We are trying to find out what could be causing this. I told the support rep that has been replying to you to do a remote session and get a copy of your database so we can take a look at it here. Also, if you have them, we would like to copy over your saves schedules from the last couple of months, or at least back to when this started happening.

When you update to 7.3, it will install over the top of the previous version, so you would only have one version installed. It would use the same database though, so once we can copy over your information and take a look at it, hopefully we can figure out what is going on.

Hi All,

I'm experiencing a similar issue, I have, however it relates to songs being created already in the same version/not accessing an older database.

I will create and save 2 songs for example, Song A and Song B, during different days, or same days, with their respective lyrics, however if I open the songs in the future, Song B may have Song A's lyrics, while Song A would retain its original lyrics. It's quite annoying, as I would need to quickly reinsert the correct lyrics of Song B right before an event, I've even seen the "mix-up" happen in front of my eyes, when I saved a song, and after opening it, it would have the lyrics of a different song....

Hi Viktor!,

I would like you to create a ticket so that we could get a look at your database.  You can create a support ticket here Create a new Ticket

I have the same problem Can you guys help me with my issue

This is a bug that has been fixed so it won't happen any more in the future. To fix your database, the easiest thing to do is click on the Profiles menu and then Utilities and select Reset Songs to Default Theme. 

This will set all your songs in the database back to the default theme and fix the slides that were incorrect.

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