HDMI Switch plus Splitter.

Hi there. I would like some external comments on this before I proceed. I am looking to purchase a switch and a splitter.

here is a sketch.

1. Input 1 with easy worship from pc into Hdmi Switch.

2. Input 2 with video from livestreaming device (switcher studio) into Hdmi switch.

3. Hdmi Switch output goes into Hdmi Splitter in.

4. Splitter outputs to screens.

Question, would this setup work well as I would like to change from easy worship to the livestreaming video and back without having to remove and connect the cables. 

In theory I think it should work. 

How is your livestream set up? Is it on the same computer as EW? Do you have a full livestream video to send out to a physical monitor?

Hello Dan, The livestream is not on the same computer as EW. its from an iPad via lightning adapter through HDMI to monitor.

My concern was with whether there wouldn't be lagging as I switch from EW to the Livestream video and back.

thanks for the feedback.

Not sure about the lag. You would probably have to test it out to see if there is any. Or, hear from someone else that has tried this or something similar. We have not ever had anything set up like this for testing.

Our church uses an OREI 4-way splitter: one output to the projector, one output to the ATEM mini, one output to a secondary monitor, and one spare port.  We have not noticed any lag.

I personally have an HDMI switch in my home office to share a monitor between the desktop computer and a laptop, and don't see any lag with that in place.  Switching sources does take a moment during which the screen blanks out.

But I don't know what having both in the same loop might do.

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