Secondary video output

My new HP Pavilion laptop, Windows 11, does not appear to have a secondary video output.

It may be that I am not recognising it (I am not a techie). It may be there isn't one.

Is there another way of connecting my laptop for dual monitor projection?

On most laptops there will be either and HDMI or DISPLAY PORT OUTPUT that you can us as your secondary output. If there is no secondary output on any kind then you will not be able to use it for EW. You need to have at least one output on a laptop that you can connect to a TV or a projector or to a splitter that then connects to multiple output. 

Thank you for your reply to my question. I have found the HDMI output and Easy Worship works really well, I am very satisfied with it so far and expect great things as I become more accustomed to working with Easy Worship. Thanks again for replying so quickly.

Great! If you need anything else let us know!

Thanks Terry, will do. There is a question I have, when I type in a new song, or use one of the pre-programmed songs, how do I apply a background to it permanently? I don't necessarily want to change backgrounds every time I use a song or have to programme one in every time I create a playlist.

I have watched all the getting started videos and haven't seen any reference to this.

Thank you in anticipation.


Edit the song in the database and change it there and it will stay until you edit the song again. 

Thank you!

You are welcome!

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