switching from projector to TV over

I apologize if this has already come up.  I am switching from 4:3VGA  projector to 75 inch TV over HDMI.  the screen we were using was essentially the same size as 4x 80 inch TVs in a square pattern.  That benig said we could have a lot of verses and lyrics on the screen.  With the TV we are going to I assume we will have to the amount of lines on the screen.  My question is will easy worship automatically adjust the number of lines of text or will the projection operator have to go into each song and recreate the slides?

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If you have the text sizing in EW set to auto-size and word wrapping turned on, then it will adjust the text to the edges of the text box. But other than that, it's not going to change how much text shows up on the screen. It will still be determined by what's in each slide in your editor.

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