Adding Tags to the Songs Meta Data

Today you can create collections of Images, Videos and Presentations based on Directories, filename, tags etc. Since all songs are stored in one single database file you cannot sort them into directories, for example, or use filenames to group them. '

If I want to create Collections in Songs today, I have to filter by song name, song number, author or copyright info. All these fields are information that is completely irrelevant to me when creating collections, as we rarely search for songs based on who wrote them or what song number it has in the CCLI Database.

I would like to be able to add Tags (or something similar) such as "Christmas, Easter, Holy Spirit, Love, Forgiveness" etc to songs, within EasyWorship, to be able to create Collections automatically. Now I will have to drag-and-drop each song individually and thus manually create Collections.

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Great suggestion IMO

Not just songs, but Presentations too. It's most confusing when ppt presentations can be added to collections, but presentations created using the in-built tool cannot. Tags for this latter group would be a great help.

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