SDI Support

Hi, I've a question:

Is there a way, or is there gonna be an update to make the Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2 SDI card, compatible with EasyWorship? 

HDMI is a pain in the *ss for long distances, so we like to use SDI. (Without converters)

Easy Worship only supports devices that are compatible for Windows desktop extension.

But since SDI is certainly a standard in churches with longer cable runs, maybe someone here has a solution?

Is there perhaps software available for a conversion from Easy Worship to the Denklink SDI card?

Thank you in advance. 

The developers are working on adding support for the Decklink Duo but I have no time frame on when that will be done.

Is there any timeframe for this? We have a decklink duo 2 and would like to use it to set up alternate output, but have no way to do this now.

We do not have a timeframe for this to be completed.

Thanks but I seriously hope you do not consider this exact copy paste of the previous reply an answer? Please get us a better reply from your support team on this. At least provide a year and/or quarter. Not knowing these timelines will force users into considerations such as moving to different software. 

Unfortunately, there is not a time frame for adding support for the Decklink Duo. It is possible it will be available with the next major version of EW, but there's not a time frame on the release of that either. But our developers are working hard on it and we will let everyone know as soon as a beta version is ready for it.

is there any update on this issue ... we are about to upgrade to a decklink duo in order to fix the continual issues we are having with displays not being detected. It would be a shame to have to move to ProPresenter based on this limitation.

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