Best PC Hardware to effectively run both OBS and Easyworship.


I am currently in the process of upgrading our tech. Currently our church uses a very old window's 7 platform with an older version of Easyworship.  We are also streaming using OBS on a different laptop.  The overall goal I would like to achieve is to run both programs on one PC and not have issues with audio/video lag due to processing.  With a lot of trial and error, I have found that a good quality streaming audio (soundboard) and video (1080p) set up requires a considerable amount of processing in order to reduce latency, this is why the streaming is currently on a separate computer now with an i7 processor. Again, the goal is to consolidate equipment. Does anyone have a recommendation on what processor, video card, and RAM to use?

Thanks in advance.

It is recommended to run separate computers for In House and for Streaming for optimal results. But it you are willing to accept the risks of doing both on one computer then an Intel Core i9 processor or AMD Ryzen 9 3xxx or 5xxx series (make sure it is the R9 (not an R5 or R7), 32 gigs of 3200 or 3600 speed ram (64 would be better), Nvidia RTX 2080 or higher, or a 3080 or higher, and Solid State drives.

Please not that isn't going to be cheap in todays climate. You are talking upwards of $3,000 US.

Donal,  thanks!  I had a feeling that was going to be the answer.  If I'm thinking outside the box, in terms of words overlay on the video feed, is there a way to operate the live stream computer and grab the words to overlay onto the streaming video with the two different computers?

It is possible but a bit tricky to setup. EW will be releasing an updated version which will send a separate stream to a different computer or to streaming software to people who have the Subscription for EW7 eventually. It is something they are working on, but they haven't released an actual Beta or Release version yet and they haven't announced a time frame other than when it is ready. 

Ok thanks again.  I really appreciate your help.  

My Pleasure.

Has the ability to connect EasyWorship 7 to a second computer for OBS been released yet? This will permit OBS access to projected info to include in the life stream.

IINM that's what the 7.4 series is for. 

Could I get some guidance on where I can find some instructions on setting up a feed for obs on another pv..? Thank

Here's a video that should help.

Live Stream EasyWorship To Social Media w/ OBS

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