House monitor, Foldback and NDI

Hello there...

Can you guys please tell mi if these is possible, Having a foldback monitor, house monitor and NDI at the same time and teach me how to do it.



Pastor Luis Elias

That is something that they are working on. It will be added to the next build of EW7. See the very first post of the forum.

As Donal said, it is in the process of being built into EW.

In the meantime you can download the vMix Desktop Capture utility (Free) from the vMix website.

Install that on your EW Pc and run it. It only shows a small window saying how many NDI connections you have. On starting it will say 0 Connections.

On any other computer that is connected to your local network, wired or wireless you can run the NDI Studio Monitor (Free). Download and install that from the Newtek website - NDI tools. When you start that there are some little short bars in the top left corner where you can configure that software to pick up ANY screen that EW puts out.

This is totaly outside of EW but it works fine - and will pick up any software or window, not just EW. I have been using this system for years.

Of course, if you have OBS or vMix for streaming then you can pick up EW as a feed into that as well.

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