PowerPoint displays black on NDI stream

I have two computers, one is a Surface Pro 4 (let's call this "A"), the other a Surface Laptop 2 ("B")

I have set up B in the same way as A as far as possible and the only remaining issue is one with PowerPoint over NDI. I have reviewed all the other cases I can find and none of them gives a satisfactory fix as far as I can tell.

BOTH machines have:

  • Easy Worship
  • OBS 26.1.1
  • PowerPoint 2016
  • Windows 10 (A has Enterprise, B has Home)

I run Easy Worship on both laptops, both using NDI - PAL 1920 x 1080 25Hz for output, playing the same PowerPoint slide presentation and the same song..

Both machines are on the same LAN, so I can see both NDI streams on both machines.

Here's what happens:

  • OBS on A with NDI from A => PowerPoint and Song are fine
  • OBS on B with NDI from B => Song is fine, PowerPoint black
  • OBS on A with NDI from B => Song is fine, PowerPoint black
  • OBS on B with NDI from A => PowerPoint and Song are fine

In short, on both machines, all is well when NDI comes from the Surface Pro but PowerPoint is black when NDI comes from the Surface Laptop.

I could could really do with some help to fix this. I am moving off the Surface Pro because its screen is defective and difficult to work with. It is not an option to keep the Surface Pro.

Thank you

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Randy and Dan,

I just did the same fix.  However, because of complications and install, removal and reinstall a couple of times... I forgot to have Easy Worship open while installing the 64 bit version of Office 2019.   But it worked.  I can now use PPT over NDI to OBS!  Thanks for this tip~!  Blessings!

Randy, we just had another customer on the phone today with the same issue and we walked them through what you said fixed your issue and it fixed them as well.

I have the same problem but it happens with one windows account on the same laptop. For example, i started on this alptop with my own microsoft account to set it up. Powerpoint through NDI works fine. I then created a second user (also with administrator rights) and then Powerpoints --> NDI are complete black. When i switch back to my own account --> it works fine.

So one the same laptop, same hard- & software. Only difference is logged in user... How can i fix this?

Here is some more on this matter. Some months ago our church PC had a serious issue and I swapped to my own laptop for the day. EW was outputting  to vMix via NDI. All went fine until the pastors PP when we got nothing. Hmm! what went wrong. My Av assistant restarted everything and tried again. No PP over NDI. He finally opened the PP directly in PP and ran the vMix Desktop capture utility and the PP came through fine. This issue could actually be within the NDI part of EW.

BUT! He also did a bit of Googling and found that SOME video cards do not like NDI. The nVidea graphics in my laptop was one of them. BUT!  I have used that same laptop running PowerPoint (Not EW) and the vMix Desktop capture utility many times without issue, to send the PP output via NDI to vMix.

Hmmmm! Just what is the cause!?

PPT works great through NDI in EW on my desktop computer using an Nvidia GTX 960. However, on my laptop with switchable graphics (Intel and Nvidia GTX 860), I cannot get PPT to display when sending NDI in EW. I have tried many troubleshooting steps and have not figured out a way to get it to work on my laptop yet. We have submitted it as a bug to the developers.

Hi, I had the same problem. At least for me it happend on a more than capable Pc and not a Laptop.  A fresh install of windows fixed it for me.

The only thing I can think of would to make sure that you have the most current NDI tools installed from this link https://ndi.tv/tools/#download-tools


I have exactly the same problem with powerpoint over NDI. The strange thing is, it happend simultaneously on two computers in the last week. It had work flawlessly the weeks before. All of my software is up to date.

Thank you

We are having same problem here this week on our church livestream.  We are new to the live stream system running EW7 to vMix.  The first few weeks things worked fine where both the songs and powerpoint output worked like a charm.  Now, the songs display on output but the Powerpoint is just a black screen.  Can't seem to figure it out in reading troublshooting from EW and vMix.  Figure it has something to do with the computer running the live stream or the vMix since the in-house production computer isn't having any issues with it's EW7 outputs.

Our new laptop runs with Intel UHD graphics.  Which it appears from the EW troubleshooting guides is unsupported.  If it were the graphics card giving us the trouble, I'm thinking it wouldn't have displayed properly the first few weeks.

Odd to run across you guys having a similar problem at the same time so making me think it's a glitch in EW.  Would love to hear if you figure anything out as I'm at my wits end here trying to sort it out.

We have seen this issue and it seems to be happening only on laptops and possibly ones that have switchable graphics. I don't use PPT anymore, but I tested it on my laptop for my church and get the same issue. I'm not sure if it's a bug with EW or if it's something with the way PPT sends through NDI with those graphic cards or something with vMix. We will try to do more testing and make sure the developers know of the situation to see if they can find anything.

We have had the same problem that started about three weeks ago and it has not resolved itself.  Would really like to figure out a fix for it.  We use a streaming pc, not a laptop.  Any new info on how to fix this issue?

Thank you.

What changes did you make just before you started noticing the issue? If it was a driver update, roll back to the previous driver. If it was a Windows or Office update, uninstall the updates. If you updated EW roll back to your previous release build. See if those fixes it.

Was wondering if there was any updates or solutions for this PowerPoint NDI black screen issue? We were working fine up till a couple of weeks back but now not working.. Many thanks for any help.

I haven't seen anything mentioned, but I would check to see if there were any Office, PowerPoint, and/or NDI updates released about that time and uninstalling them. It's the only thing I can think of that would have suddently caused this to happen to a previously working system.

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