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I found an old post from 2018 concerning web links in IE (EWs current default browser).  I saw no effort to change this at all and even today I see a post from October of this year asking if anything has been done.  If you are unable to provide a fix very quickly, this will probably be our first and only year of using EasyWorship software.  Please consider this change as a very high priority.

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Hey Tom, hopefully I can shed some light on this issue for you. 

So EasyWorship is forced by Windows to use the base Windows browser which is Internet Explorer. Once Windows updates to a chromium-based browser then we will be able to use that and this issue will go away but until then there is not a way around getting the messages. You can still use Youtube, and if you are not able to use it then call us or create a ticket and I will show you how to get around the message about needing a secure browser. Thanks, and I really hope that this helps address your concerns. 

Currently Windows 10 & 11 use Edge, which is a Chromium based browser .

When will this be resolved?

This will be fixed in the next update of EW.

Great! is there an ETA?

There is not a release date yet for this update. We will post on this community as soon as we have that available.

You can sort of work around this in the meantime using browser emulation on IE11.  In recent versions of the OS, a key is available to force IE11 to emulate Edge (via user agent string).  The key below can be set with a value of "12001" that forces IE11 into compatibility mode for Edge.  Keep in mind though that this is still really running IE11 and some sites / web objects won't be compatible.  For instance, you can now get to YouTube, but it won't render properly for browsing / searching content.  You can however, search outside in Edge/Chrome and copy / paste the video link into EW and add the video to the schedule.  Not perfect, but adding in case it helps someone until the update is released.  



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Thanks Adam for this info. This is a valid workaround and does work. I have tested it as well. You still aren't able to search for youtube videos in EW, but you can copy and paste the URL from an external browser in EW to be able to schedule a youtube video.

If you would like support to help you apply this workaround until the next version is released with the fix, you can schedule a callback with them at

Dear EasyWorship (Dan),

I've tried accessing YouTube and copying the URL of the clip we want to use (legally), but I cannot work out how to add it to the schedule.  If I open the Web button and paste it to MSN, I still can't add it to the schedule.  Please can you take me through it step by step.

Honestly, this is MS Windows issue a real problem in our adult and in our children's church. 

Grateful for any help you can give to us confused souls in Weymouth UK.

@Rob Tripp It’s going to be available in the next update. I’m hoping soon.

Look at what Adam Statler outlined in an earlier post in this thread. See if that works out. If it doesn't you'll just have to do what everyone else has been told to do over the past few months and wait for EW to fix the issue in the next update.

Ok so yeah the fix worked. The important part of the fix that's not explained super well is that you need to open Registry Editor on your computer. Than follow the path you see Adam Statler went through in his picture to get to the Internet Explorer Browser Emulation spot. Then right click EasyWorship, click Modify, and then select Decimal under Base and enter in 12001 in the Value Data field and press OK. I then restarted EasyWorship since it was already open and the copy paste thing worked.

You can now download the 7.4 beta to fix the browser issue. Otherwise, you can contact support directly and they will give you a registry install for this workaround and show you how to schedule your youtube video.
7.4 Beta : EasyWorship 

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